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The American brand Converse first entered the market in 1908 under the name Converse Rubber Shoe Company. Since then, it has become known probably to everyone. Not only to fashion enthusiasts or athletes, but also to people who like comfort and practicality. It is also known and popular across all age categories and all fashion styles.

Their most famous model is perhaps the one called Chuck Taylor. Not everyone knows, that Chuck Taylor was a basketball player who has teamed up with Converse because he wanted to have comfortable basketball shoes. The choice to contact Converse is not surprising. Converse was established as a sports brand focusing mostly on basketball. 
Over the time, athletes have replaced Chuck Taylor's models with more modern versions. Converse, however, still enjoys popularity on and off the field. Moreover, they are still worn by the famous Michael Jordan.

In addition to the Converse Chuck Taylor model, others such as the All Star or One Star are favored as well. But their silhouettes and prints differ. That is precisely the reason why a fashion blogger, businesswoman, teacher or everyone else can choose from their wide selection. You might find some stylish models in our offer too. 

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